The venue:    

Two wonderfull ballrooms

* terrific sound- and lightsystem
* with in total 1000 m2 floor
* frontseats all around
* special VIP-seats including all drinks and snacks

And our team to help you!


The hotel:    

Premium-arrangements are given absolute priority in final allocation in the Bonte Wever.
Festival-arrangements are given priority in final allocation in the Bonte Wever.

These arrangements can be upgraded to
Pro Am arrangements,
VIP arrangement and
Frontseat arrangement.

Of course you can also do a separate booking (tickets only) or separate booking for accomodation (hotel).


The Premium-arrangement includes 8 night hotel from Sunday to Monday. 
The Workshops only and Festival only arrangements include 4 nights hotel resp. from Sunday to Wednesday and Thursday to Monday.

Please note that the prices of these arrangements have the admission-tickets for the workshops and / or festival included!!

Final confirmation will follow immediately after full payment.
Advanced reservations are given special preference.

Seperate bookings (non-arrangements) are all kept on reserve.

Visitors and participants that book accommodation in hotel de Bonte Wever can ask us for a visum-invitation.


The complete hotel is reserved for our festival.
Therefore we can offer the whole festival under one roof! 

Lunches and dinners can be ordered separately during the festival on the spot. 
Large dining-rooms with delicious food-buffets where you can eat as much as you like are waiting for you. 

Breakfast is included in the hotelbooking as well as the use of the beautiful tropical swimming pool, sauna and fitness area. 

In our arrangements we have all this included! 


And let's not forget: the bars will be open to have a party after the competitions! 

Both the workshops and the festival are held in hotel de Bonte Wever. 

This means that once you are there, no more travelling is involved.
Plenty of time to relax and enjoy yourself.