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This is a transport ticket from and to Amsterdam (Schiphol) airport.
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This is a transport ticket from and to Amsterdam (Schiphol) airport.


How to order your return ticket

We have several busses going straight from Amsterdam Schiphol Airport to our Festival Hotel (De Bonte Wever) on set times.

Order your chosen time. Once we have received your order we will send you a confirmation.

You need this confirmation to get on the bus

If you don't get a confirmation make sure to contact us.



When you arrive at Schiphol airport go to the "meeting point" which is close to the Burger King and between entrance platform 3/4 and 5/6.

Once it is time someone from our team will bring you to our bus that will take you straight to the Festival Hotel.

Starting Thursday 9th our transportation officer will be in the hotel to help you plan your bus ride back to Amsterdam Schiphol Airport.



Don't forget to speak to our transportation officer to plan and reserve your way back ticket.

Our transportation officer can be found at our serivce desk starting Thursday 7th.

Please book your trip as soon as possible as our busses tend to fill up quickly.


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